Be careful, this pregnancy infection can harm the fetus

Having an infection while you are pregnant must be troubling, Mother. Especially if the infection can actually affect the baby in the womb. Therefore, it is important for Mother to know the causes and ways to avoid the infection. Actually the body already has antibodies that play a role in helping fight certain viral or bacterial infections. Immunizations that you have received previously also play a role in providing immunity against certain infections. However, that does not mean Mother is then free from the risk of infection with viruses or other bacteria that might cause serious problems in pregnancy and the fetus. Infections that can Harm the Fetus Some infections can be transmitted by pregnant women to the baby from the womb through the placenta, or even during the birth process. Without proper treatment, Mother of pregnancy can experience complications, such as preterm labor. Come on, Mother, recognize some of these dangerous infections: Chicken pox Most pregnant women
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